Mirror is a high level Networking Library that can use several different low level transports. To use a transport, simply add it as component to the NetworkManager and drag it into the NetworkManager’s Transport field.

Transports Overview

  • TCP - Telepathy
    Simple, message based, MMO Scale TCP networking in C#. And no magic.
  • UDP - Ignorance
    Ignorance implements a reliable and unreliable sequenced UDP transport based on ENet.
  • UDP - LiteNetLib4Mirror
    LiteNetLib4Mirror implements a UDP transport based on LiteNetLib with Network Discovery and uPnP included.
  • WebGL - WebSockets
    WebSockets transport layer for Mirror that target WebGL clients, without relying on Unity’s stodgy old LLAPI.
  • Steam - Fizzy
    A complete rebuild utilising Async (Previously SteamNetNetworkTransport) of a Steam P2P network transport layer.
  • Multiplexer - Multiplexer
    Multiplexer is a bridging transport to allow a server to handle clients on different transports concurrnently, for example desktop clients using Telepathy together with WebGL clients using Websockets.
  • Socket Server - Insight
    Insight is a simple Socket Server for Unity and Mirror.