Network Lobby Manager

**Please see the Lobby example in the Examples folder in your Mirror folder

The NetworkLobbyManager is a specialized type of NetworkManager that provides a multiplayer lobby before entering the main play scene of the game. It allows you to set up a network with:

  • A maximum player limit
  • Automatic start when all players are ready
  • Option to prevent players from joining a game in progress
  • Customizable ways for players to choose options while in lobby  

There are two types of player objects with the NetworkLobbyManager:

Lobby Player Prefab

  • One for each player
  • Created when client connects, or player is added
  • Persists until client disconnects
  • Holds ready flag and configuration data
  • Handles commands in the lobby
  • Must use the NetworkLobbyPlayer component

Player Prefab

  • One for each player
  • Created when game scene is started
  • Destroyed when leaving game scene
  • Handles commands in the game  

Network Lobby Manager  


  • Show Lobby GUI
    Show the default OnGUI controls for the lobby.
  • Min Players
    Minimum number of players needed to start a game.
  • Lobby Player Prefab
    The prefab to create for players when they enter the lobby (requires NetworkLobbyPlayer component).
  • Lobby Scene
    The scene to use for the lobby.
  • Gameplay Scene
    The scene to use for main game play.