Classes Overview

General description of Classes

  • NetworkServer
    NetworkServer is a High-Level-API class that manages connections from multiple clients.
  • NetworkClient
    NetworkClient is a high-level API class that manages a network connection from a client to a server, and can send and receive messages between the client and the server.
  • NetworkConnection
    NetworkConnection is a high-level API class that encapsulates a network connection.
  • NetworkBehavior
    NetworkBehaviour scripts work with GameObjects that have a NetworkIdentity component. These scripts can perform high-level API functions such as Commands, ClientRPCs, SyncEvents and SyncVars.
  • Attributes
    Networking attributes are added to member functions of NetworkBehaviour scripts, to make them run on either the client or server.
  • SyncVars
    SyncVars are variables of scripts that inherit from NetworkBehaviour, which are synchronized from the server to clients.
  • SyncEvents
    SyncEvents are networked events like ClientRpc’s, but instead of calling a function on the GameObject, they trigger Events instead.
  • SyncLists
    SyncLists contain lists of values and synchronize data from servers to clients.
  • SyncDictionary
    A SyncDictionary is an associative array containing an unordered list of key, value pairs.
  • SyncHashSet
    An unordered set of values that do not repeat.
  • SyncSortedSet
    A sorted set of values tha do not repeat.